Islamic posts: Maghfirat ka best tarika

Ubqari has posted this amazing post about how a person attract maghfirat from Allah with a simple, yet powerful act. Please read and share how you have been through an unwanted moment and you had to regret and then you wanted to seek maghfirat from Allah.

Please like Ubqari for Islamic posts. I want you to take a look at this and ponder over why we need to seek maghfirat from Allah in order to please Him

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Crimes in DHA: What are police doing?

Crimes in DHA: There is so much to be done with regards to putting an end to crimes (mobile and car-snatching) in DHA (Defence Housing Authority) in general and in entire Karachi in particular.

From Social media of Pakistan:

"Can a least representative explain what have the randomly posted police in defence has accomplished thus far in regards to stopping or preventing crime ? Do you have any figures to share with public of what exactly are your people doing by stopping cars for checks on bahria , Shahbaz and muhaffiz (few of the known posting areas) . My accusations = Since the senior representatives know exactly what they do here they hush it up because there are too many dogs in the lower ranks to feed so they let them loose on the roads in order to loot general public , harass them , and exclusively stop those who might be suspicious looking or law breakers (alcohol drugs tints etc ) not exactly to catch them but let them off hook through the system of bribes.
What exactly are the police doing then ? How do I feel more secured by this menace who stops cars with families to throw their torch only to let them go and if includes only men will desperately search them in hopes to find anything to validate their routine Haram khori.
I hope there is some sense in the residents to question what good is it by having the police posted at random places , the lea should provide statistics to show cause." 

DHA Seher Commercial: PMT on fire

Karachi DHA updates: Somebody posted this on social media. The video appears to a show PMT engulfed in fire at DHA Seher Commercial. This should have been brought to the attention of DHA Vigilance Team as they certainly would have reached the location and done something about it.
Instead of calling the DHA vigilance, the uploader kept making the video and shared on social media. This could have caused serious damage.

Karachi road construction: Traffic position at Korangi Express Way

Government has started road construction at several places across the city and all of a sudden we are seeing the worst traffic jams. Take a look at Korangi Express Way. If you intend to use this road these days, be cautious and take an alternative route.
Karachi traffic: Korangi Express Way
Construction work on several Karachi roads has left citizens in trouble as they have to wait for hours to get through heavy traffic. Please share your experience in the comment section. 

Free education in Pakistan comes under Police wrath

Karachi police got so mad at a free education facility in Karachi that they felt the need to uproot the a footpath free school set up for poor children.
The free schools being run a group of locals at Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar, Clifton Karachi came under surprise attack from police, although it had been operating for months. This is unacceptable and the government should take note of it.
A free school in Karachi comes under Police wrath: Abdullah Shah Ghazi Clifton Karachi
The free school was being run by a small-scale NGO "Ocean Welfare Organization" in Karachi and I think they have been doing a wonderful job of providing free education to poor children. A productive and constructive move by the organization, but what police have done is destructive without a doubt. Please share the post widely. 

Karachi Traffic Police on duty early morning, now don't ask me why?

Take a look at this ! Traffic police in Karachi is so energetic and responsible for their duties that they can't wait to serve people. A social media activist from Karachi brought us this encouraging news. Now, you might be thinking why the hell these traffic police personnals have to get up so early on a Sunday morning and serve people? See it for yourself.
Traffic police in Karachi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 1

These pictures were taken in Gulshan e Iqbal Block 1, Karachi, at a road that is usually super busy in working days. It is Sunday, and I can't believe my eyes that these policemen are so diligent and hardworking that nothing can stop them from carrying out their duty.

Suzuki Hiroof in Karachi
Here's another one. The man at the wheel of this Suzuki Hiroof (or carry lol) went totally mad at the reception this morning.

Karachi news updates
I know this may anger a lot of our government officials, but these things are becoming norm and these officials are annoying citizens without any reason. Please spread the word and let the higher-ups in the police department know their reputation is being put at stake, even on a Sunday morning lol.