Quetta Shia bus comes under attack - Urdu latest news

A bus carrying pilgrims (zaireen) came under attack in Quetta which killed at least four women. According to news, the attackers fled the scene after ambushing the bus.
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Urdu funny marriage jokes

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Transliteration of the joke in Hindi and English

Mohajirs in Pakistan

Urdu speaking community in Pakistan and especially Karachi reject any voice that is raised against Pakistan and its existence in any way, shape or form, Najam Sethit, a senior GEO news host said during his talk show. Najam Sethi said Mohajirs (Urdu speakers) in Karachi know that their future is with Pakistan and they will reject those against Pakistan.

Is ban on MQM looming?

Is ban on MQM looming? Recent news updates about MQM show that government is firm and is taking strict actions following Altaf Hussain's speech against Pakistan and it appears that Farooq Sattar's press conference didn't do much about damage control intended to cool off the tension.
It is premature to say that the Federal government will go ahead with the bold decision of banning MQM from taking part in politics or even using the name of the party in future as the existing party's setup seems willing to distance itself from London Rabta Committee. 

MQM MNA arrested at Karachi Airport

MQM MNA Asif Hasnain has been arrested from Karachi International Airport as he reportedly tried to leave Pakistan. Pakistan Rangers announced that it stopped the MQM MNA from escaping as they were ordered to arrest him.

MQM has put itself in trouble after airing Altaf Hussain hate speech against Pakistan and Pak Army and now most of its leaders are struggling to find a way to save themselves and the party leader.

Altaf Hussain pictures taken off Nine Zero and Mukka Chowk

MQM is in deep trouble after its leader Altaf Hussain spoke against Pakiastan in his live speech from London. The recent move by Federal government came with a big surprise when authorities gave orders to remove Altaf Hussain's pictures and banners from entire Karachi. Following the directives, Aziz Abad became the scene of Safai Muhim as most of Altaf Hussain's pictures were taken off.
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