Tahir Shah Release Another Blockbuster "Angel" Song

Some people are famous for all the wrong reasons and Tahir Shah is one of them. The self-celebrated singer and direction hit the popularity hike in Pakistan when he released his first song back in 2013: Eye to Eye. The song earned the unexpected fame and buzz across the country to an extent that he was invited on almost every major TV channel to let entertainment-starved public know his motivation and future ambitions. Tahir Shah quickly became a big hit among the people. People enjoyed his awful lyrics and rhymes. On the merit of quality, Shah was an absolute flop but he somehow gained popularity due to his unusual singing style, dance and concept of lyrics. As if it wasnt enough, Shah has released another song "Angel". Amid Pakistan government busy with the scandal of "Panama Leaks", Tahir Shah's song has somehow come as great relief for them. I too became a fan of Tahir Shah ever since he released his first iconic and evergreen song. You do not have to be a music lover to appreciate the beauty Shah has to offer.

The basic trait of Tahir Shah's songs is he directs, sings, and features the video of his song. He is "all in all" while demonstrating his absolute singing skills. Have a great laugh guys. He should continue to appeal to our sense of humor with his new songs every now and then.