Taliban attack: American airstrikes resume in Qunduz

Taliban have been trying to push deep into Qunduz province as they have now stepped up strikes as they cut off the supply line outside provincial capital Khan Abad. Intense fighting has been going on and American troops have ramped up airstrike in  a bid to stop an advancing Afghan Taliban fighters poised to capture the entire district.
* Taliban also capture main highway connecting Mazar e Sharif
What to make of the fresh Taliban offensive and how confident are insurgents of keeping a grip of their newly-captured districts? I think there is going to much tougher days for Afghan government as insurgency still has not been cut down to size. Fresh American airstrikes might restrict Taliban from pushing deeper into government-help districts, but Taliban have been known to use hit-and-run tactics in the long run, making situation more difficult fro a fragile Afghan security apparatus.