Will MQM get banned? Farooq Sattar's press conference

MQM appears to be in trouble as statements and speech by its leader Altaf Hussain but the move by Farooq Sattar might have given the part much-needed support. But the question remains, will MQM get banned in Pakistan? I think MQM has come up with yet another move that has confused the public to some extent. Karachi's political situation is still at stake.
MQM has gained these objectives by Farooq Sattar's press conference:
* The hastily-arranged press conference has averted an imminent ban on MQM.
* The party will use the move for getting its closed office reopen again
* MQM press conference is intended for making government allow MQM carry on its regular political activities.
* Farooq Sattar's press conference will buy some time for the party to stay alive in Karachi politics.