Karachi Traffic Police on duty early morning, now don't ask me why?

Take a look at this ! Traffic police in Karachi is so energetic and responsible for their duties that they can't wait to serve people. A social media activist from Karachi brought us this encouraging news. Now, you might be thinking why the hell these traffic police personnals have to get up so early on a Sunday morning and serve people? See it for yourself.
Traffic police in Karachi, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 1

These pictures were taken in Gulshan e Iqbal Block 1, Karachi, at a road that is usually super busy in working days. It is Sunday, and I can't believe my eyes that these policemen are so diligent and hardworking that nothing can stop them from carrying out their duty.

Suzuki Hiroof in Karachi
Here's another one. The man at the wheel of this Suzuki Hiroof (or carry lol) went totally mad at the reception this morning.

Karachi news updates
I know this may anger a lot of our government officials, but these things are becoming norm and these officials are annoying citizens without any reason. Please spread the word and let the higher-ups in the police department know their reputation is being put at stake, even on a Sunday morning lol.